Vietnam in December: Ultimate Travel Guide for Indian Travellers

December is known as the best and peak season for booking Vietnam tours from India.


Let’s learn more about Vietnam in December: Ultimate Travel Guide for Indian Travellers. Hope that this article will be helpful for your amazing Vietnam Tours from India in 2019.

Weather of Vietnam in December

The territory of Vietnam lies in the tropical region, so Vietnam has four seasons in a year including spring, summer, autumn, and winter. And December belongs to Vietnam’s winter season.

During the season, the temperature in Vietnam fluctuates from 18.5 degrees Celsius to 21.5 degrees Celsius. So you will feel cold when visiting Vietnam at the time.

Vietnam in December: Ultimate Travel Guide for Indian Travellers

Why travel to Vietnam in December?

The year-end months are often very busy; December is the time when everyone’s work is more than ever.


If you don’t travel in December, you’ll probably regret missing out on the great things below

Good weather

Weather Vietnam in December

The best thing when it comes to December is perhaps the weather is good to go anywhere. You can ride a motorbike to dump the Northwest Passes, visit the Western part and traveling to the sea if you choose carefully, and mainly to hunt cheap tickets to go abroad.

Although northern Vietnam is quite cold in December, it will bring unforgettable experiences for travelers who want to explore some things new in there.

Surely sitting around the fire on the roadside is better than running into a temporary rain shelter somewhere waiting to stop the rain.

Flower blooming season

Flower blooming season in Vietnam during December

If you are nature lovers, don’t be waiting! December is the ideal time for you. This time is the flower blooming season everywhere.

Did you notice?

Cauliflower in Moc Chau, a wildflower in Da Lat, sunflower in Nghe An, cherry in Y Ty, and plum flowers also bloom in this December. It is an excellent opportunity for you to worry about which points to have beautiful flowers because the time of each other will give you a lot of choices.

Moreover, the flowers are more beautiful thanks to the morning dew, thanks to the cold and dry weather that extends life. And even the red leaves of the mausoleum, the eagle tree or the sesame bud can turn into winter flowers in the artist’s eyes.

Trekking season

Trekking season in December

The trekking season according to the experience of dusty tourists is from the end of August to the beginning of April next year. There are many mountain climbing trips canceled because of rain.

Also, instead of losing too much power as the trekking in the hot weather, the cold will make you more comfortable and less tired. Crossing the forests, you will see a moment of clouds creeping into the road, sometimes a little bit of sunshine. Also, maybe a little rain but not significant, and the path is better than ever.

Easy to hunt clouds

Best time for hunting clouds

Do you like to hunt clouds?

If you say “yes.”

You should visit Vietnam in December because sometimes you don’t need to go to the peak of the mountain to admire the imposing clouds. Photographers like this. That’s why the famous cloud hunting spots in Vietnam are very crowded with photographers who gather at the end of the year like this.

Delicious foods

Enjoy delicious foods in Vietnam in December

It is much more pleasant to sit and eat hot spicy food and breathe out smoke than in the summer when you have to sit in the air conditioner to eat well? Sa Pa is an example of how cold the food is.

Certainly, it will be memorable! While enjoying a barbecue in a small shop covered with tarps and dipping dark meat with spicy chili while outdoors is it fogging?

Not only Sapa,

Anywhere in Vietnam during winter available gives you this feeling. And it’s not just hot spicy stuff, but the dishes that seem to be only for summer like ice cream are also attractive.

Where to go to Vietnam in December

Vietnam is an amazing country with a lot of beautiful destinations for traveling.


To be continuing Vietnam in December: Ultimate Travel Guide for Indian Travellers

If you want to explore the pretty country in December, you can not miss out these attractive places


Amazing Sapa in December

December is the winter of the northern state, so it is a pity if you miss a trip to visit Sapa on this occasion.

Sapa is a highland district of Lao Cai, located in the northwest of the country. This is a land that still contains many interesting and mysterious things both natural and human landscape.

Perhaps, it is the reason why in the cold weather in December, there are a lot of tourists wanting to visit the place.

So, at the end of the year, what is unique and exciting in the whole street of that majestic high land?

Similar with some places in the high mountains of the northwest of the country, in December, the weather of Sapa is extremely cold, and sometimes the temperature drops below the level of C.


The main the cold weather brings a strange beauty that is not available anywhere. Coming to Sapa, you will encounter the ancient castle buildings of fog which are scattered all over the intersection with the modern villas with the contemporary architecture of the West.

In particular, during the lowest temperature days, the place is dense in snow-covered, white snow clinging to trees and covering the roads and the ground creating a fanciful, romantic and magical scene like scenes in Korean movies.

Moc Chau

Bloom season in Moc Chau

While in December, the northern countries were sunk in the cold with the northeast monsoon winds, the road to Moc Chau became the hottest road in the Northwest.

It is the reason why…

Many people want to visit Moc Chau to see the blooming of broccoli and triangular flowers and then capture and save commemorative photos with the beauty of the fuzzy virtual plateau. Tourists can see flowers at namely Thong Cuong, Lung village, Ang village, Ban Ham village, Pa Phach village, and etc.

Along with that, do not forget to enjoy the delicious food and specialties here such as sticky rice with five colors, winnings, stream fish, and so on. Surely all will shake the soul that makes you have to carry your backpack and go to Moc Chau in December right away.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is really beautiful in December

Nha Trang is a tourist destination that is very familiar and close to visitors. Along with Vung Tau, Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city and attracts millions of visitors to visit, explore and admire every year. Therefore, coming to Nha Trang in December is an incredibly beautiful thing that you should not miss.

Why so?

In December, it seemed like really cold in the provinces in the North, but it also brought Nha Trang a quite relaxed atmosphere. At that time, Nha Trang beach was quite peaceful, and quiet.

Coming to Nha Trang in December, there is nothing to enjoy by walking around the coastal city during the busy and vibrant Christmas holidays; you will see how peaceful your heart is.

If not,

You can also visit some famous tourist places like Hon Chong – big rocks laying together and how many times the ocean waves, heavy rain or the harshness of the weather also can not push

… Or

If you want to enjoy entertaining with exciting games, you should visit Vinpearl Nha Trang – where services are classified as the most modern in Vietnam.

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